What should I wear?

 Lake Shawnee  can result in cool nights so even though it is nice during the day, it may get chilly at night so dress in layers. Also, you are coming to an outdoor event so please don't wear your best clothes and shoes.  Lake Shawnee's property does consist of mostly grass.  We try to keep the pathways covered with sawdust, gravel or hay but with higher traffic volume and rain could result into slightly muddy pathways. Wear appropriate footwear.  
Can I bring my kids?​​

Sure. you will have to be the judge of weather your child will be to sceared or not.
If I can't make it due to weather, what happens?​​

If you call at least 1 day before your tour, we may be able to reschedule your tour to a later date.

Is the facility wheelchair accessible?

Every effort has been made to make as much of the attraction handicapped accessible, but weather conditions and uneven terrain can limit access. We incourge visitors with special needs to call [304] 921-1580 so we can help in your visit.
What happens if it is raining?

It is an outdoor event, so it will stay open during showers, but may need to close for safety reasons.
Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we have group discounts for groups of 20 or more. Group tickets can be purchased by calling [304] 921-1580.
Can I take photos or videos?​​

We encourage you to do so through out the park, but not in Lake Nightmare . The actors eyes adjust to low light setting and the flash of camera become very sensitive to their eyes.
Do you allow metal detectors?
No, metal detectors are not allowed.
​​ ​Dark Carnival
Will the monsters touch me?

We have a basic rule in the haunt business. Touch nothing, and nothing will touch you.
Can we dress in costume?

No!!! Costomes will only be allowed on Oct. 31st HALLOWEEN .
Can i bring my pet? 

Pets are not allowed in the attraction. For the safty of your pet, other attendees, and our actors.
 Is there concessions on site?

​Yes at the Dark Carnival, we have soda, coffee, homemade hot chocolate, homemade food and homemade snacks. You should try our Amazing Treats.
Can I volunteer too be a actor/actress or help with the event?

Yes you can, please call [304] 921-1580 for info.
Traveling on I-77 South

Take I-77 to exit 14
​Turn right at end of ramp toward 19
Travel about 3.6 miles to stop sign
Turn left onto US-19 S go about 3.1 miles
Turn right onto Rt 10 N  
Entrance on right
Traveling on I-77 North

Take I-77 to exit 14
​Turn left at end of ramp toward 19
Travel about 3.7 miles to stop sign
Turn left onto US-19 S go about 3.1 miles
Turn right onto Rt 10 N 
Entrance on right